The Subeez Mission

To Help Tradies Succeed In Business, Through Solution Based Services, Education, Support & Community.

The Subeez App


Having been in the industry for many years nationally and internationally the owners of Subeez have noticed that no matter the location the majority of Tradies have one thing in common, Their success is dependent on managing unforeseen situations. What's behind the wall or in the ground, What the weather is doing, the dependability of workers, project delays and changes, inspections, quality of another's work, clients schedule conflicts, and so on. Unfortunately all of these things reap havoc on schedules. Whether being behind due to bad weather or being ahead due to great weather the outcome is always the same... Gaps in the schedule. In some cases a few days off during the week is a welcomed bonus, but in many cases it causes worry and unease. For Sub-Contractors every hour not worked is one not paid and for Contractors every extra hour spent on a project is one lost. The Subeez app is designed to help quickly and easily fill these unwanted gaps. Whether you are a Sub-Contractor needing to fill in some hours to reach your financial goals or a Contractor needing an extra hand to ensure you stay on schedule Subeez, is here connect you with the help you need.

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eezy Branding


Here at Subeez we believe you should understand the process in which something takes place within your business for ease of management, but if you are not good at doing it hire someone who is, because your time and energy is best served doing what you enjoy most, that is why we created eezy Branding. It can be competitive out there and it is crucial that you stand out if you want to succeed.  Subeez eezy Branding provides the services you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. From websites, funnels, social media account creation and management, logo development, marketing and promotional material, portfolio creation, and much more we have you covered so you can focus on what you do best. 

Business Coaching


 So, you are awesome at being a Tradie, but no one mentioned you needed to be great at business too. Well that's okay, because subeez is determined to help you succeed. Whether you are a Newbie at business or a Technician (a business owner who is still working) we are here to help you reach your business goals. Subeez can help you build a killer portfolio and a great reputation, efficiently and effectively quote and invoice jobs, help you brand and market your company, understand your financials, effectively hire and manage employees and sub-contractors, plan and prepare for expansion, help you set goals for retirement and the list goes on and on. You no longer need to go it alone, get coaching and mentoring from those who are active in the Industry and  who truly want you to succeed.  



Community & Support

Community & Support


 As part of the Subeez community, you will have access to education and content specifically tailored to the construction industry. Mini courses, educational content, and live events that relate to you and your business so you can stay ahead of the game and reach your long term goals.

Community & Support

Community & Support

Community & Support


 Being in business can be a blast, or it can be extremely lonely. At Subeez we believe the journey to a successful career should be a blast, and a great way for that to happen is to be surrounded by people who are supportive and genuinely want you to succeed. A community of like-minded individuals who you can turn to for advice and accountability. That's the Subee'z community.